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Thursday, 20 January 2011


Our Client, with group companies in Mobile Telecommunication, Mining & Hospitality (resort&hotel) Business is seeking urgently for

(Tasks: Administration, Procurement, Implementation)

Infrastructure provider based in Jakarta with Hardware and Telco Services that cover East Java, Sumatra, Halmahera and Jakarta City.
The Company is rapidly expanding and requires a competent team to assist in the delivery of rollout progress while enjoying the challenges of working within a unique and growing IT sector in Indonesia.
Our values include Honesty, Commitment and Team work and our Vision is to be competitive in the Provision of Telecommunication Infrastructure and Services in Indonesia.


The ‘Project Coordinator’ role covers three (3) areas of responsibility: 
Project Administration: Planning/Coordination/Reporting
Project Procurement: Equipment Scheduling/ Vendor Liaison/ /Inventory Tracking
Project Implementation:  Task Delivery/Timeline Coordination/Quality Assurance

· University degree in either:  Management, Engineering, IT Communications or any other relevant industry
· Minimum 4-5 Yrs Project experience
· Fluent English (Written/Oral) Skills
· Advanced Excel, Microsoft Project Office, Word, PowerPoint
· Excellent & Proven Time Management and Communication skills.

· 100% Commitment to Agreed Timelines
· Honest and Uncompromising to the Company
· Proactive and Forward Thinking towards the Project
· Self Motivated with Quality Decision Making
·  Easily  Communicate with Project Team members

· Project Administration:
a. Planning: Microsoft Project Management Data Input and Updates
b. Coordination: Plan & Coordinate the Daily Tasks for Team Members
c. Reporting: Weekly Report Preparation & Delivery to Management

1.Progress Against the Project Plan & Timelines
2.Next Week’s Planned Activities
3.Management Escalation Attention
· Project Procurement:
a. Equipment: Planning, Scoping and Scheduling including Price Negotiation and Best Project Solution
b. Vendor Liaison: Daily Liaison to Allocated Vendors in accordance with Project Plan Requirements
c. Inventory Tracking: Identification, Labeling and Data Base Updates

· Project Implementation:
a. Task Delivery: Plan, Analyze and Deliver all Tasks in accordance with the Agreed Project Plan
b. Timeline Coordination: Coordinate all Tasks on Time and on Budget without Compromise
c. Quality Assurance: Test and Ensure that all Project Tasks  completed in accordance with Agreed Quality Levels

This role has three (Key) Performance Measures:
· Consistent and Effective Project Team Coordination (including Delivering to Timelines) based on Agreed Standards
· Fair and Uncompromising Procurement Activities based on Stated Management Procurement Guidelines
· Quality Project Implementation that Undertakes Testing and Reporting that Identifies the High Level of Coordination

Current Projects include:
·  USO Rollout; (1,592 Sites) and (internal)NOC  & Help Desk Development
·  GSM Pilot & Infrastructure Rollout; Vendor Negotiation, Operator Rollout and NOC Implementation
·  QDC Development & Opening; Building Finish Off, Operational Implementation and Marketing Planning

Working Location: Jakarta Pusat

Salary Range: Open

Send CV to :

Put email Subject : ESC-CLP-JAC

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